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Beginner Level




Beginner Lesson #1 - Progression and Chord Tones

Beginner Lesson #2 - Two-hand Chords

Beginner Lesson #3 - Targeting Chord Tones

Beginner Lesson #4 - Bassline with Chords

Beginner Lesson #5 - How to Create Your Own Blues Jam

Intermediate Level




Intermediate Lesson #1 - Progression and Chords

Intermediate Lesson #2 - Melody (Licks)

Intermediate Lesson #3 - Arpeggios

Intermediate Lesson #4 - Arpeggio Lines and Guide Tones

Intermediate Lesson #5 - Double Stops, Tremolos and Grace Notes

Advanced Level




Advanced Lesson #1 - Progression and Chords

Advanced Lesson #2 - Scales for Improvisation

Advanced Lesson #3 - Arpeggios

Advanced Lesson #4 - Targeting (7th to the 3rd)

Advanced Lesson #5 - Approaches and Neighbor tones

B.B. King Lesson

There is no audio-only version of these lessons.



Lesson #1 - Bassline

Lesson #2 - Bassline in B minor

Lesson #3 - Bassline with Chords

Lesson #4 - Bassline with Melody

Lesson #5 - Improv Part 1 (Accompaniment, Scales & Exercises)

Lesson #6 - Improv Part 2 (Chords, Grace Notes and Quartal Straddles )

2021 Blues Progression Matrix (available Sept 1)